Change of Designation and Revision of Salary



The Registrar

Dow University of Health Sciences


Subject: Change of Designation and Revision of Salary

Respected Sir,

With due respect I Mr. Ghulam Murtaza S/O Nisar working as K.P.O at Dow University Hospital since last 3 years. But I am requesting you to change my designation as Maintenance Incharge/floor cordinator because I have complete knowledge about Hospital maintenance and I Know how to manage maintenance work. 

Further I want to tell you that I have also submitted my degree of graduation. It’s my humble request to change my designation with revision of pay scale according to my education and work load.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely 

Mr. Ghulam Mustaza

Key Punch Operator 

Dow University Hospital.


Ref #: DUH/2014/05- Date: _______, 2014.


(Internal Audit of Pharmacy)

            Special Internal Audit for DUH Pharmacy will be carried by Mr. Qamar Alam, Internal Auditor, Dow University of Health Sciences.



Mr. Qamar Alam (Internal Auditor)

Chief Auditor


Syed Shahnawaz Akhtar 

(Purchase Manager)

Member Auditor


Syed Ali Jafar

(Assistant Account Officer)

Member Auditor


Hassan Nasir

(                           )

Member Auditor


________ May, 2014

DUH Pharmacy                               

         Mr. Imran Ahsan Chief Pharmacist, DUH, Ojha Campus, respectively are directed to facilitate the auditor. 

         Detailed Audit report duly completed will be put up to the Director Medical & Healthcare Services Office within 15days, positively. 


Brig. (Retd) Dr. Muhammad Zubair Sheikh

Director M & HCS 


Thanks for reading: Change of Designation and Revision of Salary, Sorry, my English is bad:)

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