Leave form sample

Leave form sample

Appendix ' B '
Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi
Baba-e-Urdu Road, Karachi-74200, Pakistan.
Tel # 92-21-9215754-57, Fax # 92-21-9215763, Website: www.duhs.edu.pk
Employee ID:
Nature of Leave:
No. of Days:
Period of Leave:
Reason of Leave:
Address during leave:
The undersigned undertake to abide all rules and regulations and to resume the duty after availing above duty and rejoin duty at any time, if recalled due to esigency of service before the expiry of leave. I further undertake that I will not apply for extension of leave except under unavoidable / un-controllable circumstances as aadmissible under the rules.
Applicant Signature
Remarks by Officer Incharge Section
Casual Leave availed uptill now
Leave Balance
Remarks by Head of Department
Remarks by Head of Institution

The following attributes and relationships define the Web form's functionality.

Name The title of the form used for reference.
Getting Started The first steps of the form. The web form will consist of one or more steps. For more information on the steps please refer to the section entitled Web form steps found below. The first step cannot be a Condition type.
Authentication Required If checked, when users who are not logged in visit the page containing the form, they will be redirected to the login page. After successfully signing in, the user will be redirected back to the page containing the form.
Start New Session On Load Selecting Yes indicates that if the user opens the form in a new browser or new tab or closes the browser or page and returns the results, the form will start a completely new session and start at the first step. Otherwise the session will persist and the user can close the browser or page and continue later exactly where they left off. Default: No.
Multiple Records Per User Allowed Selecting Yes indicates that the user is allowed to make more than one submission. This helps the form determine what to do when the user revisits the form. Default: Yes.
Edit Expired Status Code An integer value of the target entity status code which when combined with the status reason indicates when an existing record can no longer be edited.
Edit Reason for Status Expiration An integer value for the entity's target status code which, when combined with the status code, indicates that if existing records have these values ​​it will no longer be edited — for example when a record is updated as complete, for example.
Edit Expired Message Message displayed when the existing record status code and status reason match the specified value. For each language pack installed and activated for the organization, a field will be available for entering messages in the respective language. Default message, you have completed sending. Thank you. Thank you!

Thanks for reading: Leave form sample, Sorry, my English is bad:)

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