How to create and add watermarks in PowerPoint slides

 Microsoft PowerPoint is widely used to present slides or presentations. The nature of the slides can be confidential, personal, or the content can be in draft mode. Either way, watermarks can help bring the message home in a subtle way. PowerPoint allows users to create and add watermarks to both slides and images.

A watermark is an image that is placed in the background and slightly dimmed so as not to affect the text and other elements on the slide. You can place your company logo to prevent unauthorized sharing. Either way, there is a way to add watermarks in PowerPoint slides.

Let's get started.


You can add watermarks to individual slides or to all slides in PowerPoint at once. If you want to add it to all slides in one go, use the Master Slide feature (starting from Step 1 below). We will use the function
Slide Master
to add a watermark to all slides but if you only want to add to one slide, skip the first two steps below (starting from Step 3).

Note that the first slide in a presentation is usually the master slide, and any design changes you make in this slide, like fonts or background, will be reflected in all slides.

We will be using the PowerPoint 365 version, but the steps will remain the same, more or less, for other versions as well.
  • Step 1 : Click the View tab from the menu bar and select Slide Master .

  • Step 2 : Select the first slide, which is the master slide, from the left sidebar. You will notice that all other slides are nested below it.

Step 3 : Now in the Insert tab , click on the Text Box button and select the Draw Horizontal Text Box option.

  • Step 4 : A text box will materialize in the middle of the selected slide. In our case, it is the main slide. You can drag the corners to adjust the size now or later.

  • Step 5 : When you are satisfied with the size of the text box, click anywhere inside the box and start typing. Click the Home tab to customize the font type, size, color, and other details of the watermark. On some versions of PowerPoint, you can find these options under the Format tab instead.

  • Step 6 : Now you can rotate the watermark using the circular handle at the top.

  • Step 7 : Select the Send to Back option in Arrange to keep the watermark in the background so that the viewer clearly shows the text and other elements on the slide.

  • Step 8 : Right click on the master slide and select Format Background .

  • Step 9 : A sidebar will appear from the right. In the Text tab , increase the transparency to 80% or some other value to make the watermark fade in the background making other elements and text more visible.

  • Step 10 : Once you are satisfied with the watermark, click Normal in the View tab .

Your watermark is ready and will show up on all current and future slides created and added to a PowerPoint presentation. You should choose a light color so that the text and other elements are easily visible to the naked eye.

CREATE AND ADD watermarks to images in POWERPOINT

Are you planning to add some screenshots or original images to your PowerPoint slides? The method mentioned above will only add watermarks to the slides, not the images. But there is a way to add watermarks to images right inside PowerPoint.
Step 1 : Simply drag and drop the image you want to add to the slide. Alternatively, you can also use the Pictures option in the Insert tab if the image is stored in the cloud or you want to search for an existing image.

  • Step 2 : In the Insert tab , click on WordArt and choose the watermark text style that suits your needs.

Step 3 : A box will appear where you can enter the text of the watermark.

  • Step 4 : Just like in the previous section, you can change the position of the watermark, the font type, size and color and move around the watermark wherever you want.

  • Step 5 : In the Design tab , click Format Background .

  • Step 6 : Now select the watermark text, click on Text Options and scroll a bit to find the Transparency slider . Move the slider to add transparency to the watermark text to make it look blurry and ruin the image elements.

You can change the look of the watermark later.


PowerPoint used to be the default choice for making presentations before, but now things have changed. There are plenty of other apps you can use to create beautiful presentations quickly. However, PowerPoint still offers many useful and easy-to-use features and is tightly integrated with the rest of the Office suite with its perks.

We hope your query has been resolved. If you have any further doubts, let us know in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading: How to create and add watermarks in PowerPoint slides, Sorry, my English is bad:)

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